Matt Davies Harmony Communities Provides You with A Checklist for New Kitten Owners

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According to Matt Davies Harmony Communities, adopting a new kitten is a big decision. You’re adding a new life to your own and it requires extensive planning and thinking since it’s a big change of lifestyle. Fortunately, you can always refer to the following checklist if you’re a new kitten owner.

The Checklist

  1. Visit the vet on the first week – Your vet makes sure that your kitten is free from parasites and is healthy. Some of the parasites can also be passed on to people and make your family members sick. Vets would also be able to detect viral infections like feline leukemia. That helps you plan out the next necessary steps. During the physical exam on the first visit, your vet would also check your kitten for hernia, cleft palate, murmur, and other such congenital issues and give it a round of boosters and vaccines.
  2. Plan healthcare for the first year – Cats hide pain, but they aren’t as tough as they put out to be. You need to keep a vigilant eye on their activity level, behavior, and demeanor to identify unhealthy trends. Make an appointment to neuter your kitten before they are 5 months old and schedule future revaccinations and annual exams.
  3. Decide on the outdoors – Studies show that cats that stay indoors are less prone to injuries, parasites, and infections. However, staying indoors comes with other risks, including obesity and behavior problems. You may decide on partial outdoor access with a leash for your cat’s mental and physical well-being.
  4. Microchip your kitten – Get your kitten implanted with a microchip during the first or second vet visit. Microchips aren’t painful for cats and would help you identify your cat if it runs away or gets lost and ends up in a shelter. You may also invest in a tracking collar that tracks your cat via GPS and shows its live location on your phone or computer.
  5. Kitten-proof your home – Make sure to remove plants from your home that may be toxic to your cats. For instance, if your kitten licks or chews on a lily or simply drinks water where a lily was sitting, it can cause kidney failure. Keep cleaning supplies and detergents in locked cabinets and the same holds for medications. Use tight-fitting screens on windows to keep your climbing kitten at bay.
  6. Provide lots of scratching surfaces – Buy items like ropes and other scratching surfaces for our kittens. Scratching is a source of entertainment and keeps your kitten happy. Scratching toys and surfaces also prevents your cat from taking out its urge to scratch on your expensive furniture.


Matt Davies Harmony Communities suggests that you refer to this checklist if you don’t know what to do as a new kitten owner. Being a new pet owner can be quite challenging. You’ll need to modify your home slightly and visit the vet numerous times as things don’t go the way you expected.