How to make your new cat feel at home

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You’ve thought about it, outweighed the good and the bad, and made a well-informed decision. Congratulations! You’re getting a cat! Everybody knows that cats are so much fun. The cutest animal in the house, and real nice to cuddle with. But getting a cat doesn’t mean just the animal. You’ll need to make sure that you’ve got all the other supplies too. Think about treatments, litter boxes and beds for example. Luckily there are pet stores like Vetsend to help you with all of this. So, nothing will be forgotten. To get you started, we’ve listed three of the most important things down below. So please make sure to put these at the top of your to-buy list.

Cat toys

To make your cats feel at home, you’ll need to buy some toys. This might sound strange to some people, but we’ll explain. Cats are animals of habits. They don’t particularly like changes. That means that your cat will need some time to get used to its new house and to you. Toys will give them a sense of security and home. By playing with your cat, he/she will develop a stronger connection towards you. It’s a good idea to purchase some toys that let the cat play on its own. Like a stuffed toy or a ball. And some toys that you can play with together. Like a teaser wand for example.

Scratching post

Every cat needs a scratching post, but so does every cat-owner. Cats have the natural instinct to scratch, and if there is no post in your house, your furniture might be the victim instead. Obviously, you want to avoid that at all costs. So, purchasing a scratching post up front is the best idea. Other benefits of a scratching pole are that the cat’s nails will keep sharp and shiny, and that it gives the cat the chance to stretch its muscles. This can reduce the chance of joint problems in the future.

Cat beds

Did you know that cats sleep between 40 and 60% of the time? It explains why cats love finding a good place to curl up in. Because for a cat to sleep well, it needs to have a safe space to rest. So, although some cats might prefer to sleep on blankets or your couch, it is still a good idea to purchase a special cat bed. Especially in the beginning. This way your cat has its own little safe space, where it can curl into a little ball of fluff, after a fun day of playing with you.